These Small Nightstand Ideas Will Save on Space But Amplify Style


Nothing pulls together a perfect sleeping area quite like a chic nightstand. Similar to the space constraints for lighting options, closet space, and bed frames though, small rooms don’t always allow for a nightstand that takes up a lot of square footage. That doesn’t mean your books and nighttime water carafe are destined for the floor. There are plenty of options for ensuring you get the storage you need without having to splurge on a pricy piece.
Floating shelves, small tables, chairs, and even built-in bed frame nightstands are all available for keeping your lamp and other essentials within arm’s reach. This roundup of 10 different ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for figuring out your own bedside setup.

1. Built into the bed frame

Maybe you’d prefer to have the biggest, comfiest bed of your dreams than a little extra floor space. This decision, however, doesn’t mean you’re destined for a nightstand-less life. Hack your way around the lack of room for a nightstand by opting for a bed that has one built-in, as seen in this vintage-inspired Australian home.

2. Boho side table

Side tables often give you better options when it comes to finding a style of nightstand you love and that will fit into your space. While this pretty woven one in a glam Cape Town home was made by one of the owners, searching for smaller tables—not bedroom-specific nightstands—will give you more flexibility in terms of size. You can also try a garden stool or a cylindrical ottoman in this spot, too.

3. Choose a narrow drawer

Who says your bedside tables have to match? For the tiny sliver of space between your bed and one side of a wall, a narrow table can work wonders. Even if you already have a proper nightstand on the other side of the bed, as this maximalist Philadelphia studio does, a smaller piece can off-set it, freeing up space and still providing your partner with a perch for a glass of water.

4. Bring in the great outdoors

Not only does a stump-style table, such as the one in this lovely coastal-themed Australian home, beautify a space and add major visual interest, but it’s also perfectly-sized for a small corner. Searching for a piece with an organic cutout at its bottom also provides the space for you to set your favorite books.

5. Make it float

Whether you’re really tight on a space or just appreciate minimalism, a floating shelf can serve as an ideal setup for a nightstand. As evident in this modern and eclectic abode, there’s still plenty of space for your most important items, but a wall-mounted shelf doesn’t take up nearly as much room as a bigger table.

6. A tiny stool

Repurposed items can look much cooler than your classic big box store nightstand. The stool in this pretty Seattle apartment provides an industrial, eclectic touch to a mostly colorful, modern room.

7. …Or a chair

If not a stool, how about a chair? Sourcing a chair from an antique shop or a curbside giveaway, like the owners of this colorful New Orleans home did, can be a unique solution for a nightstand. Give it a nice coat of paint and you’re set for years without blowing your budget on a pricey little table.

8. Roll on

Vertical storage is important in small bedrooms, but a tall, thin shelf that rolls makes it even more useful. This beautifully designed Philadelphia apartment shows how wheels make it easy to move a nightstand when cleaning or scooting one into a corner when you want to open up more space.

9. Folding benches

You can provide ample space for impromptu bedroom dance parties by using folding stools as bedside tables, which is the case in this cozy, minimalist Seattle home. They’re easy to move (and removable) but still offer a place to put the things you need by your bed.

10. Floating ledge

Some bedrooms call for the teeny, tiniest storage solutions. Although small, this dreamy Long Beach abode still holds onto style by using wall-mounted ledges as nightstands. You can use shelves like this for your reading glasses, plants, a magazine or two, and your lavender pillow spray.

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