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The Ryan Pro Turf Lawn Aerator tool rental from The Home Depot will help your lawn grow thick, healthy roots. Aerating your lawn can be helpful if you live in areas with compacted soil or clay. Check out our Tool Rental playlist for more tips:

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Find out how to get your Ryan Pro Lawn Aerator Rental at your local store today:

Follow these safety rules before operating:
0:42 Protective gear required to operate
0:50 Clean up yard and debris
1:05 Stake out sprinklers and potential hazards

Follow these tips when operating the Ryan Pro Aerator:
1:25 Turning the Ryan Pro Turf Lawn Aerator on
1:51 Operating the aerator
2:30 Aeration tips
3:00 Turning the aerator off
3:09 Rental return tips

►Before operating, refer to the user’s manual for additional safety warnings and procedures not addressed in this video.◄

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How to Aerate Lawns with the Ryan Pro Turf Lawn Aerator Rental | The Home Depot

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