These Kitchen Styles Are the Most “Instagrammable,” According To This Study


To find new decor inspiration for our homes, many of us turn to social media to get ideas. Wren Kitchens, Europe’s number one kitchen retail specialist with a showroom in the U.S., wanted to know which kitchen style reigned supreme on Instagram. So, the company analyzed over 500,000 Instagram posts uploaded from users in the United States to see which decor trends are the most popular in 2020—and it turns out, modern kitchens are by far the most “Instagrammable.”

“The modern kitchen style featuring a simple and sleek design was found to be the most Instagrammable style of 2020, with 44,458 posts,” Wren Kitchens tells Apartment Therapy.

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Credit: Wren Kitchens

To come up with their findings, Wren Kitchens used a social listening provider called Linkfluence to scan Instagram posts from the U.S. The company then inputted the phrases kitchens, kitchen, new kitchen, #newkitchen, kitcheninspo, and kitchen inspiration to calculate what the top trends are based on the number of posts found.

The data also showed that not only are modern-style kitchens the most popular on the platform but kitchens that feature a predominantly white color scheme are most loved by Instagram users. In fact, 48,753 U.S.-based Instagram posts featured white kitchens, with predominantly black kitchens coming in second with 27,528 posts.

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Credit: Wren Kitchens

Furthermore, Wren Kitchens also found that granite countertops are everyone’s fave with 49,619 posts, followed by quartz countertops with 23,652 posts. Pantry cabinets and kitchen islands are also two top trends that have been featured in over 20,000 posts on Instagram this year.

Though modern kitchens hold the top spot, farmhouse kitchens are the second most-loved with 20,364 posts, followed by country style, traditional, rustic, and cottage.

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