A Small Brooklyn Apartment Beautifully Shows How to Maximize Wall Storage

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Name: Angie Eng, partner, and dog
Location: Brooklyn
Type of home: Apartment
Size: 700 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years, renting

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Tell us a little (or a lot) about your home and the people who live there: Our building was built in 1920 as a frame factory until it was converted into loft apartments. What the space lacks in square footage and walls, it makes up for in sunlight and character. To offset the large amount of negative space that the high ceilings created, we played with bold accent walls and doors as well as taking advantage of the space for art and storage.

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To utilize the sunlight, we immediately adopted a large family of plant babies who are (mostly) still with us today. In our 9-5 life, my partner and I both work in tech sales, so were excited to tap into our more creative sides when putting together the space.

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Describe your home’s style in 5 words or less: Sunny loft with curated character.

Post ImageWhat is your favorite room and why? Since our space has no walls, you could say the entire apartment is my favorite room—I love how we were able to take this 700-square-foot box and make it separate, but fluid spaces.

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) for your home? This tiger blanket from Calhoun & Co. is my favorite recent find.

Any advice for creating a home you love? Make your space a curation of what and who you love. All of our “decor” is a displayed hobby, art by our friends, or symbolic to us in some way—it’s intimately ours, and gives the space a beating heart.

This submission’s responses were edited for length and clarity.

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