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Shutoff valves, also called stop valves, are fitted in several different ways: by soldering, threading or compression. They also come in a variety of combinations that give you options for connecting supply lines and controlling the water supply near your fixtures. Check out our plumbing playlist for more tips:

This guide will walk you through the process of installing shutoff valves:

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Follow these timestamps to learn how and why to install shutoff valves:
0:11 Gather tools and materials
0:21 Drain supply line
0:55 Cut supply line
1:08 Add compression nut
1:21 Insert compression ring
1:30 Thread compression valve
1:38 Tighten compression valve
1:48 Re-attach supply lines
1:54 Check for leaks

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How to Install Shutoff Valves | The Home Depot Plumbing Tips

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