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Give your lawn a fresh look by laying sod to cover dead spots. Learn how to prepare soil for sod and measure the space, along with sod care tips to make sure your lawn thrives. Check out our Outdoor Living and Landscaping playlist for more lawn care tips:

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Follow these steps when learning how to lay sod:
0:06 Supplies you’ll need
0:14 Test your soil
0:28 Measure the area
0:35 Till organic matter
0:50 Level the soil
1:01 Water soil
1:05 Lay turf
1:19 Lay turf in rows
1:56 Fill seams
2:03 Use lawn roller

Follow these steps for new sod care:
2:07 Water sod
2:24 Appropriate time to mow
2:31 Fertilize lawn

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Laying Sod & How to Prepare Soil For Sod | The Home Depot

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