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About Suddenlink

No matter what you use your internet services for – whether it’s gaming, streaming, or simply checking email – you need an internet service that delivers a fast and reliable connection. Suddenlink is an award-winning high-speed internet provider that offers a variety of packages that fit every budget and lifestyle. From Fiber networks to Smart Home integration, Suddenlink is known for their intelligent and super fast service that aligns with the needs of today’s on-the-go and technologically driven consumer. However, Suddenlink Internet plans are only available in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia. 

Suddenlink Internet: What you need to know

With speeds starting at 50 Mbps up to 1 Gig in select markets, Suddenlink offers tiered internet services to fit any household’s needs. You can use this table as a quick reference guide to learn more about Suddenlink Internet.

Suddenlink Internet products Suddenlink products include high-speed internet, cable TV, streaming services, home phone, and mobile phone services. 
Suddenlink Internet speeds Internet plan speeds are 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 150 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 400 Mbps and 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps). There is also a low-cost solution called Altice Advantage with 30 Mbps speed. 
Suddenlink Internet prices Suddenlink Internet service prices range from $14.99 per month for Altice Advantage internet to $125 per month in select markets for Internet 1 Gig. There are separate fees for things like unreturned equipment, installation and other services. You can find a comprehensive list of these charges on the Suddenlink package pricing page
Availability Suddenlink is only available in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia. Discover the cities where Suddenlink is available on their website
Contract Suddenlink Internet services require no contracts. 

Suddenlink availability

As mentioned above, Suddenlink Internet is only available in some western, midwestern and southern states. Most customers are located in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia. The more basic internet plans – Internet 50, Internet 100 and Internet 150 – are located in all states where Suddenlink is available. The Internet 200, Internet 400, and Internet 1 Gig plans are only available in select markets. The fastest internet plan, 1 Gig, is only available in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia. You can find a comprehensive list of states and cities where Suddenlink Internet plans are available on their website

Suddenlink’s most popular internet packages

Internet Package Internet Speed Package Features Starting Price
Altice Advantage Internet 30 Mbps This low-cost service is great for eligible families and senior citizens who are on a budget. There are no data caps and the plan includes a free router and modem as well as discounted standard installation fees.  $14.99
Internet 100 100 Mbps This package is ideal for households who use multiple devices at the same time. Internet 100 is perfect for streaming and downloading shows and large files.  $75.00
Internet 200 200 Mbps The Internet 200 package is ideal for large file downloads, gaming and streaming. Enjoy high speeds on multiple devices used simultaneously.  $85.00
Internet 400 400 Mbps This package streams multi-device, 4K UHD content and music. You can enjoy simultaneous multi-player gaming and large file downloads on multiple devices.  $95.00
1 Gig Internet 1,000 Mbps This is Suddenlink’s fastest internet offering and includes unlimited data. Download speeds reach up to 940 Mbps, making it the perfect package for heavy network usage activities.  $125.00

Suddenlink features

All Suddenlink Internet packages come with access to Suddenlink’s support app. This smartphone application allows you to troubleshoot many common issues you may encounter right from your phone. All internet packages also come with professional installation to ensure that equipment and services are installed and operating efficiently. In addition, Suddenlink offers in-home WiFi called Wifi@Home with all plans. This allows customers to enjoy internet on up to 20 wireless devices. If you’re interested in extending the reach of your internet connection, all internet services are compatible with the Altice One Mini. This device extends your Wi-Fi reach so you receive fast internet no matter what corner of the house you’re accessing it from. 

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