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This Old House host Kevin O’Connor learns how to create concrete kitchen counters. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)
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Shopping List for How to Build Custom Concrete Countertops:
– Latex gloves [], worn while mixing and working concrete
– 1/4-inch plywood [], for making template of counters
– Hot-melt glue sticks [], for glue gun []
– Melamine-faced particleboard [], for building the concrete form
– Silicone sealant [], to seal inside corner joints on the form
– Beeswax [], for lubricating the inside of the form
– 3/8-inch-diameter plastic dowel [], used to smooth the silicone
– Sand [], cement [], polymer [], and powdered pigment [], mixed to create concrete
– Acetone [] and clean rags [], for cleaning the form
– Stone aggregate, used to add bits of color to the countertop
– Glass fibers [], added to strengthen the concrete
– 1-inch-thick polystyrene foam [], used to fill concrete form
– 1×3 furring strips [] and 1 5/8-inch screws [], for holding down the polystyrene foam
– 80-, 100- and 220-grit abrasive disks [], for random-orbit sander []
– Concrete sealer [], to seal countertop
– Steel wool [], for applying concrete sealer
– Construction adhesive [], to adhere counter to cabinets

Tools List for How to Build Custom Concrete Countertops:
– Hot-melt glue gun [], to assemble plywood template
– Table saw [] and miter saw [], for ripping and crosscutting melamine-faced particleboard
– Caulking gun [], to apply silicone sealant []
– Dust mask [] and safety goggles [], to wear when mixing and dry-sanding concrete
– 1/2-inch electric drill [] with mixing paddle [], to blend concrete
– Wet/dry vacuum [], for removing dust and dirt
– Air sprayer [] and compressor [], to spray concrete into the form
– Hand roller [], for compacting concrete
– Utility knife [], to cut polystyrene foam
– Cordless drill []
– Right-angle grinder [] with diamond-impregnated cut wheel [], to smooth the cured concrete
– Pry bar [], for removing the polystyrene foam
– Hammer [] and chisel [], to tap apart the particleboard form
– Sanding block [], for rounding over sharp corners on the countertop
– Wide-blade putty knife [], to free countertop from form
– Wet grinder with pad [], for smoothing countertop surface
– Random-orbit sander [], to smooth the countertop

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How to Build Custom Concrete Countertops | Ask This Old House

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