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Having the best renters insurance is a crucial protective hedge for preserving all of the things you love about your home. Choosing the right insurance on your own can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve crafted the definitive one-stop guide to finding the very best renters insurance on the market.

Our Renters Insurance Top Picks Are the Following:

Best Renters Insurance

American Family – #1 Choice for Renters Insurance

After poring over mounds of reviews, customer ratings and speaking with an insurance agent of over 15 years, we found American Family to be the clear #1 choice for renters insurance, according to J.D. Power’s 2019 U.S. Home Insurance Study of Renters Insurance. American Family’s affordability, paired with its unrivaled customer-service interaction, policy offerings, price, billing processes and policy information, set it apart from the crowd.

In our research, much like with home insurance, we found that local and regional options like state Farm Bureaus can often be the best fit, since these companies offer unique insight into the region they cover. However, for this article we chose to focus solely on national companies, available to the majority of Americans.

Although American Family ultimately shined the brightest, many outstanding companies were in the running. Here are a few that excelled in specific areas.

State Farm – Best for Most People

Although rates are largely dependent on geographic location, State Farm tends to offer better-than-average premium rates in the United States. With a huge share of the market, rock-solid financial standing and low premiums, State Farm is a good option for anyone looking to insure their home at a great price. The only area they seem to fail a bit is customer satisfaction with the claim process. Other than that, they are right up there with American Family.

USAA – Best Overall If You Qualify

USAA is often considered the gold standard for insurance companies. The company boasts excellent add-on coverage, including identity-theft protection and flood protection, something that’s next to impossible to find elsewhere. To take advantage, you must be enlisted or have served in the United States military, but if you qualify, it’s hard to find a better option on the national market. USAA ranks high in all areas of coverage, including the claim process.

Allstate – For Online Resources & Digital Experience

Allstate comes out on top when searching for renters insurance online. For the most part, the premiums are at or below average, but if you live in a high-risk area (for theft, arson, flooding, etc.), the policies can be far more expensive than other companies. Coverage, pricing and customer service all rank high, as does the convenience of online resources. The one place Allstate’s coverage falls short is on electronics, which reimburses $1,000 per item. That means that $5,000 computer and printer won’t be covered for more than $1,000 if stolen. Even so, you can talk to an agent about additional coverage.

Nationwide – Best for Discounts

Nationwide came in below American Family in most areas of coverage. However, Nationwide’s renters policies are top-tier when covering the contents of your home or apartment. They even provide coverage for loss of use — or the out-of-pocket expenses you’ll encounter if you need to find another place to live.

Nationwide has coverage for medical payments to others, personal liability, credit card coverage for unauthorized usage and building additions and alterations. It’s website also does a nice job stating what you need to know about renters insurance. It didn’t outdo Allstate or American Family in those areas, but might give you the cheapest quote thanks to its many discounts

American Family – A Full Review

Whether you’re buying your dream house or renting your first apartment, there’s no place like home — and we believe that’s worth protecting.

In our research, we unequivocally found that American Family offers a fairly standard renter’s policy. But, their optional coverages and discounts are worth noting and quite comprehensive, fully customizable and backed by a solid company. Overall, according to Consumers Advocate, on a scale of 1 to 5, American Family renter’s insurance ranked:

  • 4.0/5 – Coverage Options
  • 4.3/5 – Add-Ons & Discounts
  • 3.5/5 – Customer Service
  • 4.3/5 – Financial Strength


American Family offers all of the standard coverage options you’d expect for a top-ranked company, including liability, loss of use and property damage. They also have a wide selection of policy options and add-on coverages, which include travel insurance, identity theft protection, home based-businesses insurance and pet insurance.

Add-ons and Discounts

American Family Insurance offers a wide range of discounts for customers who opt to bundle their renters insurance with other policies. You’ll also receive a discount if you have been claim-free for at least five years, and started using smart technology, like devices that monitor air quality, fire, temperature, humidity, intruders, etc. You can even qualify for additional discounts if you opt for a preferred method of payment, if you become a loyal customer, or if you have a parent that is also a member of American Family Insurance.

Customer Services

On the topic of customer service and claims, data collected by the NAIC reveals that American Family received less than the national median ratio of complaints regarding their renters/homeowners insurance product in 2017. However, they do only hold an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is based on 42, mostly negative, customer reviews. Still, when compared to most other renters insurance companies, Americna Family ranks well within the top.

Financial Strength

Although American Family does not have a financial strength rating with Moody’s Investor Services or S&P global, the company holds an A (Excellent) rating for stable long-term issuer credit outlook and financial strength with the insurance-centered credit rating agency A.M. American Family also has over 8.3 million active members, making them financially stable with a proven ability to fulfill future policyholder obligations.

One customer we spoke with said, “The customer service is great. I even spoke to a real human. My claim was handled fairly and quickly. I really couldn’t have asked for more.”

As with any kind of insurance, we would recommend consulting with a personal agent to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. In general, talking with an agent about your insurance policy can help you avoid financial pitfalls and find one to fit your individual needs.

Who Should Skip

American Family does not have coverage in every city or state in the nation. And, although their website is comprehensive and easy to navigate, it cannot give you a complete quote. (this is due to so many factors that determine each renters rate, discounts, qualifications, etc.). Therefore, it’s better to consider this insurance company when you have the time to sit down and speak with a local agent. Nonetheless, its comprehensive coverage at competitive prices make American Family our #1 pick.

What made American Family stand out:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Competitive rates across the board
  • Consistently fair payouts of claims
  • Discounts and bundling opportunities
  • Top-of-the-line company with strong financial backing

How We Chose the Best Renters Insurance

We spent more than 50 hours breaking down dozens of reviews and independent ratings to get a grasp on the companies that had the most to offer. We spoke with customers of various firms to get a sense of how large enterprises treat their customers when it comes time to file a claim. Finally, we sat down with an experienced agent to gain insight on the intricacies of purchasing renters insurance, and what to look for in a policy.

Overall, we learned that renters insurance is extremely individualized. Insurance, in effect, is purchasing the peace of mind that your belongings will be protected should tragedy strike.

An important note for any renter to know: Your landlord’s homeowners insurance policy will typically only cover the actual building you live in. This essentially means that everything inside those walls is your responsibility to protect, which is why choosing the very best insurer is a must.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re renting a house or hopping from apartment to apartment to find the perfect fit, your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you live and thrive, and we love helping you make it the best it can be.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all choices for insurance, we (along with many other reviews and reputable companies) believe that American Family is the best overall choice to shield your home and your wallet. Given how regionalized and individualized renters insurance is, we encourage you to speak with local agents and educate yourself on the specific insurance needs of a home in your area.


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