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Willis Carrier, the founder of Carrier Heating & Cooling, invented the first modern air conditioner in 1902. Today, Carrier is the world’s largest HVAC manufacturer. They’re an industry leader in environmentally-friendly practices, building the world’s most energy-efficient air-conditioning and heating systems and phasing out ozone-depleting refrigerants.

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Carrier AC and Carrier Furnace Products

The company offers several different products, including Carrier AC systems, Carrier furnace and HVAC systems. Here are some of the most popular Carrier product lines.

Infinity® Series

This Carrier AC series is the top-of-the-line Carrier AC system. It’s the quietest, most efficient line of AC units they make thanks to the Silencer System II™.

These units would work well in any home, especially one with infants or light sleepers where a unit’s noise would disturb their sleep. The system is equipped with a dehumidifier, making it perfect for humid zones.

Performance™ Series 

The Performance Series is perfect for homeowners with a mid-range budget. Five capacity sizes are available including a compact AC unit for smaller homes with limited installation space.

Choose the Performance Series if you’re living in a smaller home or apartment. The compact unit is smaller, yet still quiet and efficient.

Comfort™ Series

The Comfort Series is the most economical Carrier system. You’ll save on both the system and your utility bill costs because of their impressive SEER efficiency ratings, which range up to 16.

The Comfort Series is perfect for a starter home or in situations where your budget may be limited. 

Infinity® Series Gas Furnace

This Carrier furnace series features both variable speed and two speed gas furnaces. There is also an Infinity® gas furnace with Greenspeed® Intelligence technology that monitors temperature and humidity both indoors and outdoors to automatically adjust the furnace operation for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Great for homes in regions where day-to-night temperatures vary dramatically.

Performance™ Series Oil Furnace

An efficient and quiet furnace with a high-efficiency (86.6% AFUE) rate. Best for very cold climates where a powerful furnace that can heat a home in the coldest weather is important. 

Infinity® Series

A smart system designed for superior comfort and efficiency in either heating or cooling mode. Homes in areas that experience four-season weather extremes would benefit from this series.

Comfort™ Series

The most economical way to get a more energy-efficient HVAC system. This series includes summer dehumidification. Perfect for homes in humid, temperate regions where both heating and cooling are needed.

Why Choose Carrier?

Carrier is the leader in energy-efficient systems and earth-friendly practices, like eliminating refrigerants that destroy our ozone layer. Plus, some of the world’s most famous historic sites and landmarks trust and use Carrier AC and heating, including:

  • The Sistine Chapel in Italy
  • George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens in Virginia
  • Galleria Degli Uffizi in Florence, Italy

The company also has a rebate center to help you save money through state and local rebates. They offer flexible financing with many payment options and have a unique Lease-to-Own program.

Carrier HVAC Warranty

Carrier offers a 10-year Carrier parts limited warranty for Infinity, Performance and Comfort series units for residential installation as long as the homeowner registers the unit within 90 days of installation. 

The warranty can be transferred to a home’s new owner as long as the new owner registers the Carrier AC within 90 days.

Who Is Carrier Best For?

Homeowners looking to upgrade their current HVAC system to something more energy efficient can choose from wide product range with Carrier. Homeowners that are bothered by the noise levels of standard systems would also appreciate how many Carrier AC systems incorporate quiet technology like the Silencer System II™.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Carrier HVAC system cost?

Pricing for a Carrier HVAC system depends on both the type of system you choose and the size of the unit. For the most accurate pricing information, it’s best to contact a Carrier dealer to request an estimate for your home.

How long do Carrier furnace systems last?

According to Carrier: “A gas furnace can last 20-25 years. There are many variables that affect the life expectancy of your specific equipment, including the frequency of routine maintenance.”

Where can I buy a Carrier HVAC system?

Visit and enter your zip code to find a dealer near you.

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