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Easily give new life to your furniture with a little paint and some new hardware. Follow along to learn how to refinish wood furniture. Check out our Painting Projects, Tips and Tricks playlist for everything you need to know before rolling on your first coat of paint:

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Before you paint your furniture, be sure to clean it first. Sand the furniture down for a smoother, more even surface. Learn more painting techniques in our How to Paint Interior Walls guide:

First, clean and prep your wood furniture before refinishing with these steps:
0:09 Prep your materials
0:15 Choose a project area with enough space to paint
0:20 Spread a drop cloth to ensure your area stays clean
0:24 Place the furniture on blocks
0:29 Remove hardware and clean all surfaces with a tack cloth
0:37 Rinse the furniture and dry it immediately
0:47 Sand the furniture to remove an existing stain or paint

After cleaning and prepping your furniture, now it’s time to paint:
1:11 Prime with oil-based primer using a foam roller. Let dry for 2 hours.
1:17 Use a 2-in. brush for hard to reach areas
1:22 Lightly sand with fine 400-grit sandpaper.
1:27 Wipe clean to remove any dust
1:32 Paint with oil-based paint, using a foam roller or 2-in. brush for hard to reach areas. Let dry for 6-8 hours.
1:42 Inspect for imperfections. Resand with 400 grit sandpaper
1:48 If needed, apply a second coat of paint. Let dry for 6-8 hours.
1:50 Reinstall your hardware, or shop for new finishes for an updated look
1:55 Move furniture into place

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How to Paint Furniture | Refinishing Wood Furniture | The Home Depot

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