How Your HVAC Unit Affects Your Power Bill


Once a month, you’ll be faced with an unpleasant surprise in your mailbox: the power bill! No matter how careful you are about turning off the lights or how much you budget for the bill, it can still catch you off guard. 

Besides being an unwelcome note from the electric or gas company, your bill can also give you a heads up about your HVAC system and what may be causing the continual price hikes. Read on to learn more about what your HVAC system is trying to tell you. 

Give Your HVAC Some Love 

If you notice that your power bill is slowly increasing every month when nothing else is changing in your home, it’s time to go straight to the source. HVAC systems need regular, annual maintenance to ensure that they are functioning properly. We can’t expect our HVAC systems to do all the work in maintaining comfortable temperatures without giving them anything back in return! Schedule a little TLC for your system to make sure it’s not overworking or burning out while trying to heat or cool your home. 

Think About Personal Enhancements 

We do all we can to look and feel our best, so we should be returning the favor to our HVAC systems. You can add a programmable thermostat that makes your system run more efficiently and on a better schedule to keep your home comfortable while saving your money. You could also consider new fans, compressors, or heat exchanges and your HVAC will thank you for the upgrades by running better. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Consider Retirement 

Just like us, HVAC systems want to quit working the daily grind at some point. As they age, they slow down and have to work harder to maintain comfort in your home, causing an increase in your power bill. Instead of waiting until your HVAC system quits working, consider retiring it and replacing it with a new energy-efficient model. Another thing to consider is whether your systems uses HCFC-22, or freon, as a refrigerant. On January 1, 2020, freon will be banned from being used for AC units. So, speak with an HVAC specialist to see if the system uses freon and, if it does, you’ll need to upgrade to a new system. 

Make Individual Changes

If you’ve upgraded or replaced your HVAC system and notice that your power bill is still higher than normal, it’s time for some personal reflection. Maybe everyone in your home could be better about turning off the lights or unplugging unused electronics. Perhaps it’s time to lower the thermostat and start wearing layers in the winter instead of blasting the heat. During nicer weather, you can open the windows for a cooling breeze instead of running the AC.  We can’t blame our HVAC for raising the bills if we aren’t willing to do our part to bring the power bill down as well. 

What to Do Next 

If you’re feeling down about the rise of your power bill, just remember that your HVAC system might be crying out for help. Whether its asking for a little maintenance love, some performance upgrades, or needs to be upgraded to a new system, your HVAC will tell you what it needs through your power bill. 

Do you need an HVAC professional to help you understand your system’s needs? Reach out to a local professional to find out how to make your HVAC, your power bill, and your wallet happier. 

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