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See how easy it is to fix a running toilet with this helpful video. A leaking toilet is typically caused by either a faulty fill valve or flapper. Learn how to diagnose the problem and what steps to take to correct the issue. See our Plumbing playlist for more DIY tips:

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For more plumbing tips, see our How to Repair a Leaking Toilet Tank project guide:

First steps:
0:11 Tools and supplies you’ll need
0:18 Determine cause of the leak

How to fix or replace the fill valve:
0:55 Test float cup
1:01 Adjust fill valve
1:20 Shut off water
1:25 Remove water
1:34 Remove supply line
1:45 Remove fill valve
2:00 Install new fill valve
2:20 Reattach supply line
2:27 Attach fill valve tube

How to replace the flapper:
2:43 Shut off water
2:46 Remove flapper
2:58 Install new flapper
3:09 Turn on water and test

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How to Fix a Leaky Toilet | How to Stop a Running Toilet Tank | The Home Depot

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